Being Dead by Vivian Van Velde

One more spooky book for Halloween. (And the pirate costume, incidentally, was a big hit!)

Being Dead by Vivian Van Velde

A collection of ghost stories. “Drop by Drop,” the first story, is a truly creepy, engaging take on an urban legend about a hit-and-run accident, and the waterbed scene was definitely shiver-inducing. Some of the stories have their roots in traditional folklore, one or two others, like the one about the boy killed in Vietnam haunting his father, miss their mark. But for the most part, the stories are well-told, engaging, and a few are genuinely spooky.


3 responses to “Being Dead by Vivian Van Velde

  1. This book was truly amazing….i am a sophomore student and has probly failed all but two book test since 3rd grade and once i read the first paragrah i was drawn right into it…when i got home from getting the book at the library at school i sat for the first time and read the book in an hour…i have never done that b4! i am usualy on my computer or playing x-box…i wish our school library would get more of vivians books in their! i love her books!

  2. Awesome! (Of course, I’m a librarian and am kind of biased, in that I think books and reading are cool.) Have you read Heir Apparent? It’s another book by the same author that’s about getting stuck inside a virtual reality computer game.

    She’s also got a bunch of other short story collections, like Curses, Inc. And there’s another author, David Lubar, who has some great short-short collections–Invasion of the Road Weenies and In the Land of the Lawn Weenies. If you can’t find ’em at your school library, your local public library might have them or be able to get them for you.

  3. Steph Schindler

    i absolutly loved this book!! when i got the book “Being Dead” and started to read it i couldn’t put it down!!…i read it as a freashmen (last year) and i’ve been wanting to read it again this year but every time i go to the library it was taken out already. and so i checked out another one of her books and i liked it just as much and her books have kept me reading …i never really liked reading till i read her book “Being Dead”

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