In lieu of content

Oh, look! Random links!

Gaming for Fines Get rid of your library fines via DDR challenge! Awesomeness.

Dorling Kindersley (who, if you know kids’ nonfiction book, does the Eyewitness series), in addition to the Star Wars Ultimate Visual Guide, has also put out the CSI Ultimate Guide, the Smallville Visual Guide, and the Stargate Ultimate Visual Guide. Among others.

This year’s Newbery winner, Cynthia Lord, talks about what it’s like to win the Newbery.

Diane Duane talks about the possibility of a So You Want to Be a Wizard movie, which both fills me with large amounts of glee, and makes me vaguely apprehensive.

The Mary Sue Project A Horn Book article about a grade five teacher who gets her class to essentially turn themselves into Mary Sues, and write themselves into their favourite books.

An edition of the Green Man Review that’s a tribute to Charles DeLint

A couple of Neil Gaiman short stories, to be listened to online. (“Snow, Glass, Apples” and “Murder Mysteries,” both have been up for a while.) Also,
a photo history of Neil Gaiman’s hair. Seriously. What else can I say?

The VOCO Clock wakes you with the “special, soothing voice” of Stephen Fry.


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