And the world keeps turning…

Okay, take a generally busy couple of weeks.

Throw in some rearranging of admin at work that, when explained, sounds an awful lot like “there’s a ball and three cups, follow the ball…” and means that my schedule is changing completely. (Essentially, I’m going to spend most of the next three and a half months almost full-time in the kids’ department instead of split half with adult reference, and taking on a whole lot of new projects. Should be an interesting summer!)

Then, add two weeks of what we’ve been calling the Martian Death Flu around here. Seriously, it was a nasty, NASTY cold virus that left me with a throat infection and a mild case of bronchitis, and my wife with a not-so-mild case of bronchitis. I am still coughing a bit.

And that’s why I haven’t updated in almost a month.

However, it doesn’t mean that the world has stopped trying to ban books in the meantime! I seem to always have links to a few news articles kicking around about how such-and-such a book has somebody-or-other up in arms. Today is no exception.

As reported over on AS IF! (Authors Support Intellectual Freedom, “Maureen Johnson’s novel, The Bermudez Triangle, which contains no sex but is about (among other things) a lesbian relationship, has been removed from the Bartlesville Mid-High School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.” Maureen Johnson, the author, blogs in response I AM A VERY DANGEROUS PERSON.

One of the comments on the AS IF! article reads “The message this school is sending is ‘don’t bring gays or other controversial subjects here, we don’t want ’em!'” Um. I’d just like to point out that gay teenagers are not a controversial subject, but are actual people. You already have gay teenagers in your school, guys. The question is, are you going to send the message that who they are is something to be ashamed of and not to be discussed in polite company? Gyargh.

Then there’s the Whole Lesbian Sex Book, which obviously does contain sex (instruction), and some guy in Arkansas claims has traumatized his teenage sons. (There are numerous cheap shots I could take here, but trust me, it’s all been said already.)

School board limits book’s readers Sonya Sones’s What My Mother Doesn’t Know will be limited to grade seven and eight students, because the book has the audacity to talk about puberty and the changes the female body goes through in a straighforward and honest way. Imagine that! (Good for the school board for not pulling the book entirely, however.)

And I will get back to talking specifically about books sooner rather than later, I promise.


4 responses to “And the world keeps turning…

  1. The Bermudez Triangle is a fantastic book, and I am supporting Maureen’s petition and efforts 100%.

  2. It is a great book, and hopefully the petition will have some effect.

    I’m just glad GLBT YA books have move past the tragic death endings of the past twenty years or so. (Beth Goobie’s Hello, Groin is a good choice too if you liked The Bermudez Triangle.)

  3. I’m enjoying this one so far – about 8 chapters in. I have no idea what’s going to happen next (post-seeing the kiss) and that’s great. What I found with Alex Sanchez and Brent Hartinger’s books is I could pretty much always predict the endings. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. The Bermudez Triangle reminded me a bit of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants when I first read it–and then I found out it’s from the same publisher and imprint and all. It’s nice to see something that’s not just another coming out story.

    Have you read Grand and Humble by Brent Hartinger? It felt much more ambitious to me than his last few books, and there is no way I saw that ending coming!

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