I have a new internet toy

It’s called Good Reads, and lets you keep track of all the books you’ve read. I, um, may have spent the past two days adding everything I’ve read since November. (It will surprise no-one who knows me that I keep track. Also, that I could theoretically go back four or five years, but really, the mind just boggles.)

(ETA It is called GOOD READS, not Great Reads. Link duly fixed. Um. Oops.)

It’s quite cool. You can see the books in my profile here. (Keep in mind that a lot of what I was reading between December and April was for the Rocky Mountain Book Award committee, hence the proliferation of upper elementary and middle school titles and more kids’ nonfiction than usual.)

I already had to limit myself and not add anything to my to-read shelf that I didn’t either a) have physically have available from the library or bookstore, or b) am on the hold list for it at the library.

Seriously. Internet toy + books + list-making abilities = dangerously time consuming. Consider yourself warned. (And also, if you go sign up, friend me because I want to know what other people are reading. I’m nosy like that.)


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