Linkalicious: Summer Blog Blast Tour

It’s conference and convention season again. CLA was at the end of May. I’m hearing a lot about ALA right now on various websites, mailing lists and blogs. I’m not even going to WorldCon this year, it being in Yokohama and all. 

(I will be going as far as Calgary to Con-Version and will be doing my best to make sure there’s the obligatory kids’ lit panel that will inevitably turn into someone at the back of the room who hasn’t picked up anything published for kids since 1975 bemoaning the fact that children these days aren’t reading the classics like Heinlein and Asimov, but that’s a rant for another day.) 

However, I feel like I can get a little taste of con-going right here online, with the Summer Blog Blast Tour. It’s all YA book bloggers interviewing YA authors, organized by Colleen Mondor over at Chasing Ray. It took place last week, and here’s a schedule and links to the interviews, why, how it happened, and some thoughts on the end result.

I think this is a truly fantastic idea. I mean, look at the authors! Holly Black! Cecil Castellucci! Chris Crutcher! Brent Hartinger! Sonya Hartnett! Justina Chen Headley! Justine Larbalestier! Hilary McKay! Carolyn Mackler! Julie Ann Peters! Mitali Perkins Jordan Sonnenblick! And that’s just a sampling of my own favourites.

Now I’ve got a whole pile of new book blogs to read, as well as all the spiffy interviews…


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