Bookgeek fangirl moments

Good news is finding out books you love have sequels:

I’m currently fangirling BC YA author Carrie Mac, for The Beckoners and The Droughtlanders, and forthrightly describing herself in high school as a four-eyed queer kid. Also, for being in an anthology with my mom.

Also, Kathy Stinson for the queer content in 101 Ways to Dance, a YA short story collection about desire.

Also-also, Libbra Bray, for this blog post:


(A comfortable office painted in soothing greens. Chairs have been arranged in a semi-circle. A THERAPIST sits in a large leather chair with a notepad. Her group is comprised of VARIOUS FICTIONAL CHARACTERS from a book long in progress, THE SWEET FAR THING.)

THERAPIST: So, it’s good that we could all meet today. I understand you’re having some trouble with the author of your book?
MRS. NIGHTWING: It isn’t our trouble. She’s the one who should be cleverer.
THERAPIST: (nodding) Ummm.
ANN: She’s rewritten the ending eight times.
THERAPIST: Must feel very frustrating.
FELICITY: (texting) I think we should do her in.
CIRCE: Second it.

In the category of things I think are cool, I did not know until now, M.T. Anderson (author of Feed, Octavian Nothing, and Whales on Stilts) is the little brother of Laurie Halse Anderson (author of Speak, Catalyst and Prom).

(Other things I did figure out eventually include the facts that Justine Labastelier is married to Scott Westerfeld, William Bell is married to Ting-xing Ye and Tim Wynne-Jones is no relation to Diana Wynne Jones. Also, though it is easy to mix up Sarah Ellis and Deborah Ellis, Eric Walters and Eric Wilson, and Jacqueline Wilson and Jacqueline Woodson, none of them are, in fact, the same person.)


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