Horses and Harry Potter

A lot of young girls loooove horses (I have been asked for horse books three times this week) and are also fascinated with princesses. Series books are usually a big hit with the same age group. Somebody’s done the math. Pony-Crazed Princesses. Need I say more?

Meanwhile, you’d have to living under a rock to miss that the last Harry Potter book is coming out next weekend.  Our local paper sent somebody over today to talk to the library about what we’re doing (short answer: a weeklong marathon of Harry Potter movies, ending today), etc.

In this case, the library was me. (I have told our publicity person that I’m going to start hiding under the desk when I see her coming, as this is the fourth or fifth “oh hear, talk to the press” moment this year.)

Somehow, “what’s the library up to?” turned into “and why do you think Harry Potter is so popular? Has there ever been anything like it before? Is there a new up-and-coming author that looks like the new J.K. Rowling?” We shall see how I sounded later in the week when they run the article.
(As we showed Goblet of Fire this afternoon, I heard one of the kids in the front row say, “that’s Doctor Who!” when Barty Crouch Jr. first showed up. Here’s to a new generation of SF fans!)


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