Linkalicious: author interviews, sequels and libraryish things

Once again, I’m clearing my many windows of open Firefox tabs. Here, have some links:

Get the most of your local library — online An online article about libraries that actually manages to get it, in terms of the services and resources most libraries provide.

This one’s been kicking around in my saved links for a while, the April 1st version of Ask Metafilter “How long can a normal, healthy 8 week old kitten survive inside an adult python? URGENT!” Trust me, it’s far too close to comfort to the sorts of questions we get through our province-wide online reference service.

Here’s an interview with Meg Cabot at a romance writing site. As always, she is funny and articulate.

Geek God Neil Gaiman interviewed by Time, talking about Stardust and other things. “It’s not like a comedy like Shrek that’s making fun of the thing,” Gaiman says. “It’s the thing itself.”

Green Gables prequel movie. There’s an open casting call for a new actor to play Anne, and most interestingly, they’re taking auditions via YouTube. There’s also a prequel book in the works, by Nova Scotia author Budge Wilson. I am cautiously optimistic.

From Diana Wynnes Jones’s official site, “Fans of Howl will be delighted to know that Diana is working on a new book which will include a guest appearance by the popular magician.” I cannot tell you how much this thrills me! Also, check out the most amazing paper model of Howl’s castle, as seen in the Ghibli movie version.

The only downside of this chair for booklovers is that it doesn’t look quite comfy enough for me. But these shelves are the best use of old encyclopedias I’ve ever seen.


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