Canadian content and the SBBT

Earlier this summer, the Summer Blog Blast Tour happened. YA author Justine Larbalestier pointed out that of the authors participating, only three are Australian.

Hey, said I. None of these authors are Canadian! And I’m sure there are plenty of Canadian YA authors out there blogging!

Um. Several hours with CANSCAIP, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and some judicious googling, here is the sum total of my results. Anybody I missed?

Gillian Chan
Natale Ghent
Barbara Haworth-Attard
Susan Juby
O.R. Melling
Martha Skrypuch
Arthur Slade
Kathy Stinson
Ed Willet

ETA: Thanks to Martha Skrypuch for a bunch of blogs I’ve missed. Expanding YA to include middle school authors as well, have some more links!

James Bow
Anita Daher
kc dyer
Liam O’Donnell
Valerie Sherrard
Nikki Tate
Maggie Wood

(However, I did find this totally baffling clip of Johnny Depp on a Japanese talk show via Susan Juby’s blog.)


7 responses to “Canadian content and the SBBT

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    That’s a good list of blogging Canadian children’s authors. Here’s some more to add:

    Valerie Sherrard:

    Anita Daher:

    Liam O’Donnell:

    James Bow:

    kc dyer:

    Maggie Wood:

  2. Thanks for the additional links, Martha! I will add them to my list, officially expanding it to include Canadian kids’ fiction authors as well as YA.

  3. Justine, I think Cecil Castelluci is from New York, and not Canadian. I’m just sticking with Canadian YA authors for now because a) no-one else has done it, and b) it’s a small enough list to be manageable without turning into a major project.

    (Please correct me if I’m wrong, because I would be thrilled to discover that all this time, she has been a seekrit Canadian!)

  4. (Gah, I’m sorry, Marsha. My fingers somehow translated that “s” in your name into a “t,” which I didn’t catch until after I’d posted.)

  5. Hey Elisabeth!

    We are planning an Aussie Day later this month to highlight Australian authors (responding to Justine’s nudge of course!). Canada will certianly be addressed by the SBBT crew in the future – probably after the first of the year I’m afraid as we have several big projects planned between now and then.

    I will revisit your site though to keep track of the Canadian authors!

    (Oh and Art Slade is fabulous, isn’t he?)
    (And I’m not sure if Cecil was born in the US or Canada but her parents live in Quebec and she and I talk about French Canada…might be worth double checking with her!)

  6. Colleen, I would be thrilled if there were a SBBT-related event with some Canadian content!

    (And then are a ton of great Canadian YA authors who aren’t on my list on account of not having blogs, like Carrie Mac and Teresa Toten and Tim Wynne Jones and Julie Johnston and William Bell and Beth Goobie and Martha Brooks and Glen Huser and Sarah Ellis and Carol Matas and Kenneth Oppel and Margaret Buffie and James Heneghan and Shelley Hrdlitschka and Deborah Ellis, and… um, perhaps I get a bit carried away, but you catch my drift.)

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