Picture books are cool, too.

I don’t post a lot about picture books. Every once and a while though, I come across something cool enough that I make anyone around me who will stand still long enough read it.

One of my latest favourites is Flotsam by David Wiesner. It’s another one of his wordless books, like Sector 7 or Tuesday. A young boy finds an underwater camera on the beach, and finds some truly amazing pictures when he develops the film. Not only is the art absolutely gorgeous, but the story told by the pictures is wonderful in its simplicity and imaginativeness. (Plus, I am a huge sucker for the kind of circular style of storytelling he did with the last photo on the camera.)

Here is the official website for the book, which has the results for an ingenious and entirely fitting contest, where a camera was mailed to booksellers all across the US, and David Wiesner selected the three photos he found the most intriguing. Also, an article from Horn Book by his editor on the making of Flotsam. And on the publisher’s website, you can take a look at a video trailer for the book.

Seriously, check for it at your local library. Picture books are cool, too.


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