Freedom to read!

No, worthy though it may be, I’m not talking about Freedom To Read Month, three months late.

As of about an hour ago, the Rocky Mountain Book Award Committee has picked the twenty books for the 2010 shortlist. Over the past seven months, we’ve all collectively read hundreds of recent Canadian middle-school fiction and nonfiction. (I think I hit a new personal record this year with seventy-four books.)

The question around the table at the end of the night was, so now what are you going to read this summer? To which I have to confess, I went ahead and ordered The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters from Amazon last night. Not that it will last me much past a few days of its arrival, let alone until summer… and Wake by Robert J. Sawyer is sitting three feet away from me (It is SIGNED! And I am IN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS! How awesome is that?) and also on the genre side of things, there’s Corambis by Sarah Monette in the same Amazon box as The Little Stranger

Mmm. Books.


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