In which I am ambitious, and aim to read. A lot.

I have no social commitments this weekend. I am not working, and have no plans to go anywhere. We’ve finished reading and set the shortlist for the Rocky Mountain Book Award Committee, so I can read whatever I want again! This is a good thing. This is a very good thing.

This weekend is The Fourth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge.

(Sunday is also International Read What’s On Your Shelf Day, so I am totally counting it as two-for-one.)

My to-read pile, let me show it to you:

The right-hand side is kids’ and YA books (a handful of library books, things I own I haven’t got to yet, and a pile of ARCS I picked up at the Alberta Library Conference that are ultimately destined for the teen program prize bag at my library), the left hand side is adult books (library books, owned books, and a couple books my mom lent me at Christmas.)

Okay. Let the challenge begin!


2 responses to “In which I am ambitious, and aim to read. A lot.

  1. Good luck with you reading this weekend.

    I’ve just gotten started tonight, and will be posting about my challenge here I’m also hoping to tackle a bit of my TBR pile.

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