Girl from Mars by Tamara Bach

Book seven of the 48-hour Book Challenge binge!

girl-from-marsMiriam is tired of her boring life, her boring town, and the inbetween-ness of being fifteen. She wants something to happen–and that’s just what she gets with the new girl, Laura. Miriam is oddly fascinated with Laura, but it’s not until Laura kisses her while they’re both stoned that she realizes why.

This is a hard book to blurb, because not a lot really happens–everything unfolds in a cloud of ennui and a series of slow, deliberate steps where small things take on huge emotional and symbolic weight. It’s like CanLit, but German! I am going to assume it’s a good translation (by Shelley Tanaka), because the text definitely has its own distinctive voice and town. I also appreciated that it was definitely set in Germany, and not translated into some generic North American setting. Way more casual smoking than I’m used to seeing–maybe it’s a European thing? I would have liked more closure at the ending (yes, I was disappointed when I didn’t find out why Laura’s obssessed with gumball machines) but I think that’s more indicative of my tastes as a reader than any inherent flaw in the story. This book isn’t going to appeal to a wide audience because it reads like high literary fiction to me, but I think that when it finds the right readers, they’re going to love it fiercely.


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