Queer kidslit and comics!

Things I have come across lately:

Via I’m Here. I’m Queer. What the Hell do I read?, Gay Penguins in Germany raise a Baby Penguin!. Also, a great interview with Holly Black.

I think I will have to see this book before I make up my mind: Nothin’ Like a Lesbian Sock at Bedtime Children’s book author creates a gay character, stirs controversyDottie the Sock: How I Found My Pair is the first children’s book in a new 10-book series. Gayle’s series revolves around the main character, a lesbian sock named Dottie, encountering various modern day situations. In the first book, Dottie searches for her mate – a fellow female sock.”

And I am linking a bit late for Pride but still cool, The Library Don’t Have a Closet: 19 Graphic Novels for Gay & Lesbian Pride Month.

I am behind–I didn’t even know Terry Moore (of Strangers in Paradise fame) had a new series, let alone that it was going to be a movie: Terry Moore’s “Echo” will see the big screen.

The almost-wordless Owly comics are utterly adorable. The only thing more adorable is Owly in 3D, on the big screen!If you are willing to risk the head-exploding cuteness, take a look at the trailer!

Also on a comics-related tangent, Why I based superheroes on Islam’ “The creator of a bestselling comic designed to show the world the tolerant and peaceful face of Islam has written an open letter to his young sons explaining how the project grew out of 9/11.”

Here’s an interesting roundtable post on Girls and Fandom, the Twilight phenomena, San Diego Comic Con, and why girls’ comics (and their other enthusiasms, for that matter) don’t get any respect.

A little piece of post-modern genius–Spread Persepolis is an explanation of the current political situation in Iran using art from Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis with new captions.

And a bit late for Canada Day, but still amusing… the webcomic Hark, A Vagrant has its own particular dry sense of humour. I was particularily found with this take on Canadian historical figures.


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