Linkalicious: Movies and other things Lovecraftian

Oh yes, I have more links for you all…

It’s a bit belated, since the Half-Blood Prince movie has been out for almost a week now, but check out Meg Cabot’s (as always) highly amusing commentary on the movie posters. And if you’re feeling in the mood for some detailed nitpicking of the movie itself, head on over to Fuse 8.

There’s still a ways to wait, however, for Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland. Check out some of the visuals here.

The follow-up to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a riff on Sense and Sensibility, and has a trailer!

It’s definitely on my to-read list along with Mall of Cthulhu:

Nothing epitomizes the fun summer geek read more than Seamus Cooper’s Mall of Cthulhu (Night Shade). A charming buddy team – lesbian FBI agent Laura and loser barista Ted – fight monsters and white supremacists in a Providence mall.

When the novel opens, Ted and Laura are still trying to get over a trauma they shared ten years ago in college. During freshman year, they discovered that a local sorority was actually a den of vampires, and nerdy folklore student Ted had to slay them all (including his roommate). While Ted had to chop up a house full of monsters, Laura had to deal with the fact that the one girl she was finally going to have sex with was actually a throat-chomping minion of evil.

Over the years they’ve dealt with this horrifying experience by sticking together as best friends, partly because this defining moment in both their lives is something nobody else would believe. Laura has become an ultra-competent FBI agent who is bored with investigating ATM fraud. And Ted has become an ultra-competent latte-maker for a Starbucks-esque chain. But when a group of Cthulhu cultists shoot up Ted’s coffee shop, they discover that there’s nothing like awakening the Old Ones and destroying the world to really wipe that boredom away.

Mmm, summer reading! Oh for a hammock and some lemonade…


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