Another link-ish, creative-type, contest-y round-up

I have resigned myself to my sporadic blogging habits lately, though as always, I have good intentions to catch up on some of what I’ve read lately. (You can check out what I’m reading over at Good Reads.) I have come across some neat bookish contesty sort of links lately. So enjoy the creativity and intertextuality herein:

Of all the Where the Wild Things Are related goings-on, I think my favourite at the moment is this fort-building contest. The winners inspired a definite urge in me to pull the cushions off the couch and create my own little hidey-hole.

On a slightly belated seasonal sort of note, I wish I could have gone to one of these Graveyard Book indy bookstore parties! And the Graveyard Book Dessert Challenge definitely produced some eyecatching results.

Meanwhile, over in libraryland, all the entries in Unshelved’s Pimp Your Book Cart contest are up online! Some of my personal favourites are the Zombie Survival Cart, the Info Stat cart, Sail Into Reading pirate ship, the working book cart barbeque, the recycled-material Shep Herding Books, and of course, the neko-bus book cart from my all-time favourite My Neighbour Totoro.


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