My library has a bookmobile. It is big and blue and is turning twenty-five this year. Planning the party has lead us to searching Youtube and Flickr for Bookmobile-related inspiration…

Check out the Flickr group Bookmobiles Parnassus On Wheels for a huge range of shapes, sizes, and excellent custom paint jobs!

The Camel Bookmobile Project: books by camel to northeastern Kenya. (A good tie-in book would be My Librarian is a Camel, although for books-containing-bookmobiles, I’m awfully fond of Library Lil by Suzanne Williams and Steven Kellogg, though it does not contain any camels, just bikers. )

The ALA Parade of Bookmobiles! Sadly, even if CLA were to have an equivalent parade this year, our Bookmobile is not highway-worthy.

Kids need books! Bookmobile dudes of the Rancho Cucamonga Library Bookmobile to the rescue! I can’t help but think, we need some sort of spiffy promotional video like this one.

Whatever we decide to do, I am sure that it will eventually involve cake…


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