The internet is full of links, and so is my laptop…

As my laptop has begun to make a truly alarming sound like a plane trying to take off, I think it is time to back things up and take other precautions. Here are some links that have been kicking around my many browser tabs…

Greenwillow has had some great blog posts lately, like their spooky new editions of some of their most popular books.I am particularly fond of The Afterlives of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse of Doom by Kevin Henkes and The Demon Queen of Attolia, by Megan Whalen Turner. Also, Greenwood Social Media Boot Camp, wherein some familiar names learn to twitter. Ie, AmeliaBedelia: Cheep cheep! Chirp chirp!

J.K. Rowling editorializes with articulate passion for the Times, A Single Mother’s Manifesto.

Study Reveals Why Kids Get Bullied. I like Roger Sutton’s response in the comments…

It is library week in the States (yeah, I know, Banned Book Week is backwards, too–this side of the 49th parallel, October is library month and February is when Freedom to Read Week happens) and you should go and celebrate by reading Neil Gaiman talk about his love of libraries. Example of awesome:

For most of the human race, pretty much all of the lifespan of the human race, information was currency. Information was like gold. It was rare, it was hard to find, it was expensive. You could get your information, but you had to know where to go, you had to know what you were looking at, you had to know how to find your information. It was hard. And librarians were the key players in the battle for information, because they could go and get and bring back this golden nugget for you, the thing that you needed.

Speaking of Neil Gaiman, he and Charles Vess have another picture book collaboration coming out, this one of one my favourite Gaiman poems, “Instructions.” Yay! Check out the book trailer here.


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