Three sorts of unrelated links: Comic-y things, censorship and award lists

So many open browser tabs!

Archie Comics Introduces First Openly Gay Character. Bit more content from CBC here. You can’t get more mainstream than Archie comics, so that’s of the good. They’re definitely introducing a token gay character, and I don’t expect him to appear in more than one issue. On one hand, visibility, yay. It would have made much more of an impact if it had been one of the existing cast, but we can’t all be as awesome as Tamora Pierce. I consider it a step in the right direction.

I am sad to hear that Yen Plus has been cancelled. That means the only manga anthology left in our teen magazine collection is Shounen Jump. What about all the shoujo fans, huh? (Why yes, I am still bitter that Shoujo Beat was cancelled too. But I had a complicated love-hate-hate relationship with Mixxzine’s Smile anthology a decade ago, too…) In related news, Shounen Jump sends out an anti-piracy appeal.

Book on text messaging teens prompts most book challenges of 2009 “ttyl” series tops ALA’s 2009 Top Ten list of most frequently challenged books, bumping And Tango Makes Three to number two.

While we’re on the topic, Lois Lowry’s ‘Number the Stars’ is causing controversy in Turkey. The article finishes with a great quote from Lois Lowry: “My reaction to the banning is a great sadness for a beautiful country, one I have visited myself,” she says. “I remember standing once among the ruins of the library at Ephesus—one of the largest libraries of the ancient world—in awe of the history surrounding me. What a tragedy, that in modern Turkey, literature and literary freedom cannot be honored as it once was.”

The Carnegie and Greenaway medal shortlists are out! I’ve only read three of the titles on the Carnegie list so far (Chains, The Graveyard Book and Nation) and I had missed seeing that there’s a new Philip Reeve book in the Mortal Engines series! My to-read list just grew by another half-dozen titles…


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