Links o’ Random: cool fictional things, comics and censorship and library stuff

There’s a post on the Diana Wynne Jones community on livejournal where you can share photos of your own shelf of DWJ books, and speaking of rilly awesome bookstuff, check out the floor plan for a house for Pooh and Piglet (and make sure you click on “notes” in the navigation panel in the top-right corner), and a handmade miniature hobbit hole of truly astounding intricate detail.

Don’t forget, this Saturday, May 1 is Free Comic Book Day! And Have Book Chains Lost Their Manga Mojo? IcV2 checks the “Naruto Index” to see if bookstores are cutting back on their manga inventory…

From SLJ, Florida Mom Wants YA Library Books Labeled, Segregated, marking any books with illegal acts or the ever-nebulous “inappropriate content” in them. And Jeff Smith’s Bone comics have been challenged in a Minnesota school library.

I’ve been hearing a lot of alarming things about library budget cuts in the States. Here’s a great blog post on why libraries are important.

And I am off to the Alberta Library Conference for the rest of the week. You’ll find me presenting on cool Canadian kids’ books on Saturday!


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