Links from Libraryland

I’ve spent more time this summer working on library-opening than the tantilizing, ever growing to-read pile on my coffee table, but though my blogging’s been non-existent, I have managed to collect a whole lot of saved links…

Edmonton Public Library recently held a viral marketing contest as part of their rebranding campaign, giving out vinyl cling stickers and encouraging people to stick them up around the city and take photos. See the winners here!

Speaking of Edmonton… right now at my library, we’ve just opened a public library right in between two high schools (two weeks ago and counting), so I was especially interested in this article from the Edmonton Journal: School libraries serve up a sequel: Rural facilities do double duty in the community, about a shared public/school library in the town of Kinuso in northern Alberta.

South of the border, a one-man grass-roots literacy movement in Chicago, the Book Bike, will keep going strong, with the support of the Chicago Public Libary.

Annnd back borth again, Edmonton-born Nathan Fillion on an ALA Read Poster

And on a more general reading note, via my mom, The art of slow reading “Has endlessly skimming short texts on the internet made us stupider? An increasing number of experts think so – and say it’s time to slow down…”


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