A bit about me: I’m the head of Children’s and Young Adult Services at a mid-sized Alberta library. I think kids’ and YA books are cool. And I read. A lot.

This is my book blog. Herein, you will find mostly kids’ and teen books, but some adult books as well. I don’t usually blurb picture books unless they’re truly a favourite, but everything else is fair game.

Expect fantasy, science fiction, adventure, horror, CanLit, historical fiction, contemporary fiction of the serious and fluffy varieties, novels in verse, the odd nonfiction title, GLBT themes, ghost stories, professional library and storytelling literature, and anything else that catches my interest.

Expect random links and other book-related things. Expect some opinions, as I happen to have one or two.

5 responses to “About

  1. Hi, there! I stumbled upon your blog and was suitably impressed. Thanks for the link to my website (www.bowjamesbow.ca). I was wondering if you’re open to receiving review copies of books.

  2. James, I would be happy to receive review copies! Drop me an email at ehegerat at telus dot net.

  3. frieda wishinsky

    HI Elizabeth,
    It was fun to read your book reviews in general and most specifically the review of EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK which I wrote with Liz MacLeod. You’re correct about why it is has a fair bit of American content. It was originally published by Scholastic US. We hope kids will be intrigued by food history, science etc. and that our book is a fun springboard for discussion and further reading.
    Thanks for reviewing. Frieda Wishinsky

  4. love the reviews. keep em’ comin’
    lee j mavin

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